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MaxValues Magazine

Direct Mail, Marketing and Advertising

MaxValues Magazine - Advertising That Works. Coupons That Save.

MaxValues Magazine's Bio:

MaxValues Magazine was founded by Mark Kosir in March of 2013. With over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience, Mark Kosir and his team provide top-notch service, superior quality and excellent pricing. The first issue of the MaxValues direct-mail print magazine landed in mailboxes across Cleveland and surrounding areas in the last week of April, 2013. The premier publication was a huge success and the business and consumer response to the magazine was equally successful. The greatest contributor to the success of the coupon mailer is due to all the wonderful local businesses who contributed great advertising and money-saving offers to the book. MaxValues would not exist today if it weren't for these businesses in the Cleveland area. We would like to personally thank you.

As with many advertising and marketing businesses, the continued prosperity of such services and products rely greatly in technological advancements within a variety of media environments. MaxValues understands that print, online and mobile media must work together to provide a first-rate advertising and marketing campaign. Development of advanced online and mobile marketing technologies are currently underway. Offering these services will help further the success of advertising partners and providing more ways for consumers to obtain great coupons, deals and offers.

If you are a business that wants more business or a consumer that wants more savings then Max Values magazine wants to partner with you and share in your success. Contact Us today if you are a business and let MaxValues show you how you can get more business. If you are a consumer looking to save more money, then Sign Up for our email newsletter. When available, we will provide you with great coupons, deals and offers that will save you money.

MaxValues Magazine's Experience:

  • Advertising and Marketing Consultant at MaxValues Magazine

    Advertising and Marketing Consultant for MaxValues Magazine.

MaxValues Magazine's Interests & Activities:

Direct Mail, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media

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